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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

Over the past two weeks, the anxiety in the air has been at times overwhelming. The Corona Virus is creating an anxiety that has not been felt in the past to this extent. And then to top it off we have the media talking about it, all day long. And then we have the...

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Online Counselling is Available

To Our Valued Community, These are difficult times and I want you to know that I am here for you. Having been a part of the team for 2 years I have come to know many of the clients that walk through the doors. I feel for all of you and want you to know that should you...

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Essentials of Core Assessment & Conditioning Course

Fraser Valley RMT's and Kinesiologists – get your CEC's without travelling far. Newleaf Total Wellness Centre is excited to host Brian Justin, MKin, CEP, CSCS, CHEK-1, FMS-1, CES, PES, CSE-4, HLC-2, MOS, MMS . This is an amazing course and it is broken down into 4...

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How Sleep Alters Your Eating Habits

With obesity and diabetes on the rise, researchers continue to look for ways to better control appetite and help people make healthier food choices. Part of the solution lies not in the kitchen but in the bedroom. Sleep has a far larger impact on appetite control,...

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