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Rates & Prices for Therapy at New Leaf

Direct Billing Available:

Yes! We offer direct billing for all our eligible services except for Registered Clinical Counselling.  Please note that all third party billing require a credit card be kept on file for all incidentals such as deductibles or missed appointment fees.

We can typically offer direct billing with these insurance companies:

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Great West Life
  • ManuLife
  • Blue Cross
  • Sun Life Financial

New Leaf Massage & Wellness Prices 

Massage Therapy Rates                          

30 minutes  $60

45 minutes  $90

60 minutes $110

75 minutes $135

90 minutes $160

**effective Januray 2020 our Massage Therapy rates will increase by $5, in order to meet with industry standards.

Chiropractic Rates 

Chiropractic rates vary depending on the therapist and therapy sought. We offer rates for adults, children and students.

To view the individual rates on our online booking page, please click here. 

NIS Therapy Rates                                      

Adult Initial $110              

Adult Subsequent $90

Child Initial (ages 0-12) $70

Child Subsequent (ages 0-12) $50

Free 15-minute info-session.

Acupuncture Rates 

Information Session 15 min $0

Initial 90min $140

Subsequent 60 min $95

Cancellation Policy

Fees will be charged for missed

appointments and late cancellations.

*Please speak to reception for pricing with MSP coverage or a claim*

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