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Workplace Injury Physiotherapy

NewLeaf Wellness Centre is a recognized member of the WorkSafeBC preferred provider network, dedicated to aiding workers who have sustained injuries in workplace incidents, offering relief for their symptoms and supporting their journey to complete recovery.

Workplace injuries are common and can arise from a variety of situations.These events often lead to conditions such as ankle and knee strains, shoulder discomfort, backache, tendon issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, concussions, fractures, and various forms of muscle and joint discomfort.

Our experienced physiotherapy professionals have been assisting WorkSafeBC patients for many years. They are committed to guiding you through the process of healing and safely returning to your regular work routine.

At NewLeaf Wellness Centre, we differentiate ourselves by actively addressing injuries through hands-on therapy and cutting-edge treatment methodologies, including IMS or Shockwave Therapy, rather than relying solely on passive treatments and heat application. Employing a graded regimen of tailored rehabilitation exercises plays a pivotal role in enhancing the recovery process and expediting the healing of soft tissues.

Our clinical team boasts an extensive track record of managing work-related injuries and supporting our patients’ recuperation within a secure and holistic environment. Your dedicated physiotherapist will ensure your readiness for light or modified work tasks and will always seek your approval before initiating any scheduled return-to-work strategy.

Useful information about WorkSafeBC Coverage:

In the event of a workplace incident, swift action is vital. Make sure to promptly inform your workplace supervisor about the occurrence and seek advice from a medical professional. Obtain a claim number from WCB.

For accepted claims, you have the benefit of complete coverage for up to 15 physiotherapy sessions. This coverage is applicable if you consult a physiotherapist within 60 days of the injury.

If your injury surpasses the 60-day mark, a referral from a physician becomes necessary. Once you have the doctor’s endorsement, reach out to our office to arrange an appointment.

When your claim is awaiting a decision, the initial physiotherapy session is also encompassed by WorkSafeBC coverage. This session can aid in expediting the approval process for your pending claim.

Timeliness is key when it comes to your recovery after a work-related injury. It’s vital to meet with our physiotherapists as soon as possible. Kindly provide your claim number and injury date while scheduling your appointment.

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