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What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology at Newleaf Wellness is a one-on-one exercise program that assists clients with acute or chronic lingering pain, whether from a motor vehicle accident or other injury. A kinesiologist’s ultimate goal is to help a client in returning to their pre-injury lifestyle. A detailed assessment, including subjective and objective measures of current pain levels, posture and range of motion values, will give the therapist an understanding of functional movement and muscle imbalances. Each program is personalized to the client to help restore stability, mobility, strength & endurance, which varies in length depending on the severity of the injury and goals of the client.

Physio-Directed Active Rehab

Embark on a transformative journey to resilience with our tailor-made 45-minute training sessions, meticulously crafted by a seasoned Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist. Under the vigilant guidance of a Physiotherapist, this program is your personal roadmap to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Prioritize Your Wellness:

Before we begin tailoring your path to recovery, you must have an initial consultation with one of our expert physiotherapists—to ensure your training plan perfectly aligns with your body’s needs.

Work Toward Your Best Self:

Collaborating with our Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist, you’ll set achievable goals and celebrate every milestone. Whether refining your movement, bolstering your strength and endurance, or carving out new strategies, you’re not just working out—you’re evolving.

What to Expect:

• Comprehensive Assessment: Dive deep into your current physical state with a meticulous evaluation.
• Customized Treatment and Exercise Plan: Receive a tailor-made plan that addresses your unique needs.
• Dynamic Active Rehabilitation: Engage in targeted exercises designed to restore your body’s balance and vitality.
• Empowering Homecare Strategy: Continue your progress beyond the session with a personalized homecare regimen.
Together, let’s unlock a stronger, braver, and better you. Each session is a building block towards your ultimate comeback story. Are you ready to rewrite yours?

Our Kinesiologists

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