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Corinne Ropp,Cht, has enjoyed a career in hypnotherapy and life engineering over the past 18  years.  Her training in hypnotherapy and behavioral science, as well as coaching has allowed her to be of service to thousands locally and internationally.

Here is what to expect when working with Corinne.

  • Getting to the heart of the trauma or issue, resolving it in a respectful and timely fashion
  • Motivating, inspiring, and challenging you to live the highest level of life for you
  • Empowering you to create a different end result if that is what you choose
  • Relationship issues solved, for the best for all
  • Fears and phobias disappear and addictions become easier to handle
  • Pain relief and enhanced surgery recovery
  • And most of all, the absence of emotions of the past interrupting this moment

Corinne born and raised in Abbotsford has been married for 30 years, is a mother of three and grandmother to 5. Her focus on family is utmost. Currently she runs a Hypnotherapy Training and Coaching Certification Center, YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy in Coquitlam BC. She will be operating the Abbotsford practice out of New Leaf Wellness Center.

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