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We are beyond excited to welcome you all back starting MAY 19TH.

Please remember that if you are uncertain about coming in and need some extra time, we understand and support you. We are still offering TELEHEALTH sessions in order to support everyone.

For those that are in need of treatment and are healthy and ready, we are ready for you.

Please take a look at our action plan. Each patient booked will receive this and additional information pertinent to their appointment, prior to coming in. These may change as we see fit or any updates from our colleges. We appreciate your trust and patience.

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Use our in-house benefits plans to help you manage your family health care costs.

What is Visceral Manipulation Massage?

What is Visceral Manipulation Massage?

By definition, a visceral manipulation massage is a slow and gentle process of massaging the viscera, or internal organs, to promote better function, reduce pain, and increase mobility. Sometimes internal organs, such as the kidneys and the stomach, will hold onto...

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Do we really have to talk about mental health?

Do we really have to talk about mental health?

The first time I stepped through the doors of a counselling office, I remember looking both ways to makesure nobody I knew was watching. I was embarrassed about feeling so broken—and ashamed that Icouldn’t seem to fix my situation on my own. I didn’t want to admit it,...

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