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Newleaf Total Wellness Centre has over 20 practitioners offering services in 13 different disciplines. Our clinic provides services ranging from rehabilitation to relaxation for people aged 0 to 100 in Abbotsford and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide our patients with a team of clinicians working together seamlessly to provide an assessment, diagnosis, intervention, goal-setting and a care plan as unique as each individual we treat. From medication to meditation, we have you covered: mind, body, and spirit. Together, we can help you be Stronger. Braver. Better.

Ed Middleton

President / Head Physiotherapist

Ed is an incredibly accomplished physiotherapist who has devoted three decades to his trade, sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise with clients in need. His commitment to providing exceptional care is reflected in his tremendous educational background and volunteering experience – indicative of Ed’s determination to ensure top-notch service for all he serves. He brings a patient-centred approach to every treatment, tailoring solutions to each individual’s specific needs and goals. With a depth of training encompassing concussion management, sports rehabilitation, acute injuries, and chronic issues alike, Ed has become a reliable source of care and support for many people. While he is already well-versed in the field, such dedication also manifests in his unceasing quest for further learning – keeping him at the peak of his profession.
Since May 2020, Ed has been the head of the Physiotherapy Department at Newleaf Total Wellness, and in May 2022, he purchased the clinic with his wife, DeVera Nybo. His devotion to helping others through his profession shines through all facets of his life – making him a reliable source of support and a caring companion on each patient’s journey to recovery.

DeVera Nybo

Chief Executive Officer

DeVera is a compassionate, inspired leader who brings an unwavering commitment to excellence and remarkable professional experience to the team at Newleaf Wellness Centre. DeVera has over fifteen years of success as a leader in the corporate sector and holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Certified Career Development Professional designation. Her expertise in human resource leadership, business operations, coaching, project management, and community involvement gives her an impressive skillset for creating performance improvement strategies, earning her recognition among her peers. A formidable strategist and team builder, DeVera previously enjoyed a highly successful career in which she gained recognition as an outstanding communicator and dynamic leader. Even when faced with the difficult decision of leaving her senior role to focus on her baby, she demonstrated resilience and flexibility in re-developing her skillset for the future. Today, she provides the team at Newleaf Wellness Centre with an inspired vision for the future, a supportive approach to developing and maintaining excellence in patient care and a strategic plan to ensure that Newleaf is the clinic of choice for Abbotsford and surrounding communities.

Rehua Haupapa

Chief Cuteness Officer

DeVera and Ed’s once-in-a-lifetime adventure began when they discovered their daughter would have a baby she could not care for. Though not necessarily expecting to become parents again, they were presented with the incredible opportunity to adopt her newborn son. Rehua is named after a Māori Star God with the power to heal. He is the perfect Chief Cuteness Officer with his sunny disposition, bright personality and desire to meet everyone. He loves running around the clinic, spreading his special brand of joy when his Mama and Papa need to work late. Ray Ray, as he is affectionately called, is always up for giving hugs, playing with his puppy, or watching sports with Papa. Cute as a button, mischievous at times, but never failing in spreading laughter and cheer – it’s hard not to adore sweet Rehua!

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