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“Water Healing” has been used for centuries as a Therapy/Rehab tool. There are reasons for its success;

–  Helps lower Pain levels, by decreasing compression forces on the joints.

–   The Bouyancy effect helps decrease “Muscle Guarding” around joints, which decreases spasm and pain.

–   Use as a testing tool for Movement, Fitness, Strength, throughout a Rehab program.

Scientifically,  Water uses some physics-based principles that makes it successful.    Principles called FORCES!

–  Bouyancy counteracts gravity by creating an upward buoyant motion and resists motion away from the surface.

95% of the body can be buoyant in water, depending on the amount of body or body part submerged.

–  Specific Gravity varies the amount of Bouyancy , through the weight and structure of a body part (eg. Muscle, bone, fat

distribution and Oxygen).

–   Cohesive Force is a resistant force formed by water molecules that bind together, creating Surface tension, which is

what we see in ‘Still’ water.  Water is a ‘Cohesive’ force until disturbed!

–    Bow Force is generated in front of an object through movement. Object moves creating a pressure in the front and also

a decrease of pressure behind the object.  These different hi and lo pressure areas create ‘Turbulence”, which creates

a ‘Drag Force’.  This Drag Force becomes an advantage in .rehab & .Fitness programs, because it can be controlled.  By

changing the shape, speed and movement of an object or body.


The advantage of using Water in a Therapy / Fitness program,  is how minimally or maximally we can use its Forces to

produce positive results we are looking for.  The disadvantage is have the space and location for a H2O facility.



Prentice. W.E.    Rehabilitation Techniques in Sports Medicine.  2nd Edition


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