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Communication is possibly the most important part of the relationship between you, the patient, and your health care professional.


A few things your therapist wants you to know to make your treatment as productive and enjoyable as possible:
Use the washroom before your appointment-
If you are sitting in the waiting room please feel free to ask the receptionist where the bathroom is, if you wait until we get you into the room to go it is taking up a couple minutes of your time, our time is better used on your assessment/treatment and we want all your time with us to be productive.
Please try to be on time-
Everyone knows that traffic, and other things happen, but try to best to be on time for your appointment. If you are late unfortunately we sometimes have other patients directly after you and our time is just as valuable, your lateness will come out of your treatment time.
If you cannot make your appointment please let us know in advance-
Our time is very valuable and there are many patients who could have used your time slot, if you can not show up for your appointment it is your responsibility to give us advanced notice, you will be charged for the time you miss if you cancel short notice or do not show up. Please respect our time and give other patients a chance to take your appointment by letting as know as soon as possible that you wont be attending
We are here for you!
We want to give you the best treatment possible, this includes thoroughly assessing your treatment needs, the assessment is part of a very important overall package when you visit us, and without it we cannot give you the very best medical care
We are in fact here for you, in order for us to give you the best possible care we need you, as the patient, to communicate! Communication of possibly the most important part of any medical treatment, to help us give you the best experience at our clinic, these are a few things that your therapist wants to know:
Are you comfortable? The height of your face piece, pillows, is there anything we can adjust to make you more physically comfortable during your massage?
Are you warm enough? We can always get an extra blanket, possibly turn up a bed heater or turn a fan off. Also if you are too warm we can do our very best to make the temperature in the room to your satisfaction.
Music. Is the music too loud? Too quiet? Would you prefer a different genre of music? Please let us know as we can change our own music at any time to make you more comfortable and suit the atmosphere you desire for your massage.
How is the pressure? We try to use the amount of pressure we feel is needed to help with your medical concerns, however you can ALWAYS let us know if the pressure in not right for you! We never want to cause severe discomfort and while discomfort can be common and normal, if you cannot breath through the pressure we will happily accommodate your pain threshold. Normally your therapist may check the pressure with you throughout the treatment, however it is your responsibility as a patient to communicate with us and let us know when you want less or more pressure.
Lights. If we can turn the lights down for you to make the atmosphere more enjoyable we are happy to!
Please be aware that every patient is different, some patients prefer louder music or quieter, some prefer a lot of pressure and some very soft pressure, some patients prefer the room to cooler or warmer and some even have conditions that are aggravated by warm or cold temperatures. We cannot possibly predict your personal preferences and we are devoted to making our patients happy and comfortable, so please feel free to tell us when and how we can make you comfortable and help you enjoy your treatment!
We hope to see you soon to help you turn over a new leaf and live life well!

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