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Its January 4th how are those new year goals coming along? Maybe this year you feel like a “new you” after your commitment to these last four days. Maybe you feel motivated regardless of any foreseen challenges. Annnnnnnnd maybe your failing miserably.

Regardless of where you are right now, that does not determine where you ultimately want to be. At New Leaf Wellness our desire is to help you achieve your wellness goals- not limited to the month of January. We have a variety of therapist to help you with your over all physical, mental and even emotional well being.

The most common new years resolution we hear about is to eat healthy and get fit. We suggest booking a consultation with our Naturopath for specific  advice that can help your body type or aid with dietary restrictions.

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Here are some tips and tricks to stick to your health and fitness goals this year!

-Keep a food journal
There are a ton of online apps that are made to conveniently help you keep track of how many calories you are in taking. Some apps upload the dietary information for you, simply by taking a picture of your food or scanning the barcode.
If your like myself and prefer using a trusty old note book and pen that works great also. Psychologist suggest writing down your goals to connect brain and body.


-Join a buddy system
working out with friends keeps you accountable to actually making your gym date and also helps pass dreaded cardio minutes. Look into joining a community running group or classes at your local gym. You can also find online groups to join that let you set goals, take progress pictures, and follow other people who have workout tips, and are on the same journey. Meeting new like minded people will be encouraging for any goal!

-Learn about health and fitness
Taking the time to learn what your body needs and what is in your food will create passion. Anything you commit to is easier if perceived as passion instead of punishment.


-Be specific and REALISTIC
Caution! Do not be too hard on yourself.
Any life style change includes  moments of unfamiliarity, struggle, and even failure. Try to have specific goals you can actually control. For example, it is more realistic to make your goal “Pack a healthy lunch, take the stairs, and go to the gym three times a week” VS. “lose 10 pounds in a month”. Everyone’s body processes fat and muscle gain/loss totally different! Go by how you feel and not necessarily what the scale says.

-Reward yourself
This is so important and will help push you when you want to give up. Reward yourself with a cheat meal, new outfit, or night on the town. Your hard work and dedication deserves praise.

We would love to hear how your sticking to your goals this year!
You got this-Goodluck!!


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