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Hello there! I’m Jacob, and I’ve turned my deep interest in the ancient healing arts of Far East Asia into a life full of learning, teaching, and caring for others.
Way back, I began peering into the wisdom of ancient philosophies and it led me down an incredible path. I became so engrossed in these teachings that I couldn’t help but share them; so I taught university students by day and volunteered my newfound skills in acupuncture to those in need.
My adventure continued to unfold as I left my footprints all the way from Seoul, Korea, to the vibrant landscapes of Canada. With each step, I gained more knowledge, completing traditional Chinese medicine courses, and eventually, this passion turned into my true calling—a full-time practice of my craft.
Today, my toolkit is vast. I use acupuncture needles to open doors to healing, but that’s just the beginning. My hands dance with Moxibustion, offer soothing relief with Tuina massages, and the warmth of Cupping. I clear away burdens with Guasha, mix potions of herbal decoctions, and guide you through healing meditations. I might even throw in some martial arts moves if that’s what it takes to restore your balance!
From helping you shrug off a pesky cold to navigating the stormy seas of anxiety, my practice is about embracing the full range of human health — mind, body, and spirit. Lately, my curiosity has wandered into the rejuvenating world of wellness, detoxification, and metabolic makeovers. It’s exhilarating to unlock new paths to vitality and youthfulness.
When the needles are put away, and it’s time to unwind, you’ll find me happily steeped in the world of teas—an enthusiast through and through. If you fancy a chat over a cup of Oolong, I’m all ears.
You may even spot me on a leisurely stroll, breathing in the beauty of nature along park trails, savoring the simple joys of life.
If you’re ready to explore how traditional healing can enrich your life, come and see me. Together, we’ll craft a wellness story that’s uniquely yours.
Looking forward to sharing a cup and a chapter with you soon.

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