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oilIt’s the time of year that all those with allergies have come to dread. Time to wake up and take a look out the window and see your beautiful sunny day filled with a snow like layer of cotton. So instead of deciding which Netflix tv show to binge watch in avoidance of the non-stop sneezing, itching, swelling and runny noses, we may be able to help you enjoy the gorgeous weather . Come out of hiding!

Let’s start with all the pesky mosquito’s that have welcomed themselves into all of our camping trips and weekend picnics. Not everyone has severe allergic reactions to these bites, they are still not enjoyable to deal with. There are a couple of different essential oils that you can use to help with this. The first one that you can start off with is Patchouli. This can be used either topically or aromatically.

Topical Aromatic
Can be applied neat. Simply place 1-2 drops of the essential oil on the affected area. Place essential oil in a diffuser or 1-2 drops in your hands, inhale deeply.


Another essential oil that will help with those pesky bites is thyme. For this trick you will want to dilute this essential oil with one drop of thyme with four drops of carrier oil. With this recipe you will want to apply directly to the affected area.

Another allergy that tends to keep people locked up inside is hay fever. For some people staying inside is the only way to escape the constant sneezing, runny and blocked noses, the itchy eyes and throat and all the coughing. Hopefully with some more options on how to help with all those symptoms this time of year might change a bit for you all. Lavender oil is always a good thing to have lying about your house. Not only is it good for giving you a calm and relaxing evening but it is also a good thing to have when your hay fever starts to act up. You can apply the essential oil directly to your area of concern or if you are familiar with reflex points that is a faster way for the effects to occur.


For those whose itchy eyes out way all of the other symptoms, tea tree oil can help you out there. Simply place a few drops into your diffuser to give your room a pleasant healing aroma or you can also rub 1-2 drops into your hands, placing it over your mouth and nose, inhaling deeply.

Hopefully these quick tips help all of you allergy sufferers out there. Stay tuned for more information on how essential oils can be beneficial to your health.

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