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I often get asked to explain NIS, and after 5 years of working as a NIS Practitioner, I have come up with this analogy.brain, computer, alsno lead art

       Think of your hard drive (brain) that is connected to your computer (body) by millions of tiny circuits. Now, enter a “virus” in one or multiple circuits.How well is your computer working now?  I suspect your computer is no longer functioning at optimum level and you will have started experiencing technical difficulties. The same principle holds true for your brain and body connections. 


When the circuits between the brain and body become “disconnected” by external sources, the communication between the brain (hard drive) and the body (computer) become weakened. Power is now reduced to that circuit, thereby, resulting in one or more symptoms.



“How does NIS help my symptoms?”

      Just like a computer tech would apply a series of codes to repair your hard drive, a NIS practitioner will use a set of treatment protocols. These protocols are like a checklist to see what circuits need to be “reconnected”. It is only by reconnecting and addressing the underlying root cause to your symptoms will you find long-term, sustainable results.

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