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Hi! I’m Alicia, one of the several registered massage therapists at New Leaf Wellness. To give you a quick snapshot of who I am…

–       I love traveling! I am currently planning a trip to Portugal this summer and am still reminiscent of the memories I made from my most recent adventure to Vietnam and Thailand earlier this year. While in Thailand, I received an infamous “Thai massage”, where I was bent and stretched into positions my body certainly should not move. Don’t worry – my personal treatment style is nothing like that!

–       I help coach a local volleyball team of 16-year-old girls in my free time. Having grown up being involved in athletics, coaching is a fun way for me to stay involved and give back.

–       I am a self-proclaimed music junkie and have gone to a LOT of concerts…



Now that you know a bit about who I am outside of work, let’s talk about massage. I havIMG_2925e worked at New Leaf for about a year and a half now and have thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know so many clients! I have taken particular interest in treating clients who suffer with headaches, rotator cuff injuries and low back/hip pathologies. I learn more every day and am excited to expand my knowledge in order to further help my clients. I am a bit of a chameleon in my treatment style, adapting my style to what I feel my client needs. A client recently asked me, “Is there a name for your style of massage?” The answer is no. But if I had to describe it, would say it is a combination of Swedish, trigger point and soft tissue release. If you are looking for a soft, relaxing massage, I can do that! However, in general, my massages tend to be a bit deeper in pressure. Let’s just say, some clients have developed a love/hate relationship with me! Another way my style adapts to my client is with our conversation. If you want to chat while you receive your massage treatment, I am happy to chat and love getting to know you! But if you would rather take that time to close your eyes and relax, don’t worry, I’ll zip my mouth.


My quick tip:

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF STRETCHING! I know it is hard to remember and I know it takes effort. We put so much stress on our bodies every single day; give it a little love back by ending your evening with a simple stretching routine. Your body will thank you now and in the long run. Pick and choose a handful of these helpful stretches to incorporate into your evening routine starting tonight!



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