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How to Make Your Own ‘Bucket List’

In the hit movie The Bucket List, two terminally ill patients decide to go out in style after discovering they have only six months to live. To make the most of their remaining time, each patient creates a “bucket list” of things he or she wants to do before kicking the bucket.

You can also make each and every day of your life count by creating your own bucket list.

It’s Never Too Late or Too Soon

Remember those long-lost dreams? Drag them out of the closet and into the light of day by giving them another opportunity. Whether it was learning to dance or finishing a college education, time and technology may now provide new opportunities you never expected. Allow yourself the freedom to select whatever tickles your fancy without the obstacles of prior opinions of the naysayers.


Be honest about what you want the most, whether you think it is attainable or not, then share that information with others. You might be surprised how helpful others are when it comes to helping you realize your dreams. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected situations.


Make your personal list meaningful. Know why you want each and every item on your list and resist the temptation of doing or trying things that may seem popular but don’t truly appeal to you. Sometimes the simple things in life matter the most, so if you want to plant a garden and watch it grow, then do that rather than travel the world.

These “Bucket List” items don’t need to be extravagant or glamorous; keeping it simple is always the best answer. If you want help to figure how you can accomplish your “Bucket List” financially, please let me know if I can help.


Lyle MacDougall, CFP
[email protected]

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