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At new leaf, our top priority is our patient’s health and safety.  We adhere to strict health Canada guidelines on clinic cleaning and sterilization procedures.  At this time, the public health risk associated with COVID-19 is low for Canadians (source:

If you feel sick or are exhibiting symptoms of difficulty breathing, fever or cough, please stay home and self-quarantine for at least 14 days.  There will be no fees for cancellations due to illness at this time.

A few suggested routines for adapting to the COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Vitamin and minerals used by the immune system = vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, zinc (ex = ACES+Zinc)
  2. Herbs shown to be supportive to the immune system = astragalus, glycyrrhiza, rhodiola, cordyceps, reishi
  3. Please contact your health care practitioner before starting any herb or supplement.
  • Hygiene
    1. Thoroughly wash hands with soap for 20-25 seconds
    2. Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth)
    3. Keep hand sanitizer with you if possible when outside your home
  • Social distancing
    1. Avoid gatherings with large groups
    2. Eliminate unnecessary travel
    3. Avoid hand shaking
    4. Increase social distance between others (ideally 2 meters)
  • Hydration
    1. Drink water upon waking in morning
      1. Consider adding lemon
    2. Continue to drink water throughout the day
      1. Depending on weight and hydration needs, 2L is generally sufficient
    3. Limit caffeine consumption as it can be dehydrating
  • Nutrition
    1. Add vit C to diet = fruits and vegetables
    2. Add probiotics to the diet = sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, etc.
    3. Add selenium to your diet = 2 brazil nuts per day (soak overnight)
    4. Boost fruit and vegetable intake
      1. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, garlic and mushrooms are generally supportive of the immune system
    5. Avoid sugar/processed foods as best as possible, which can trigger inflammation and negatively impact the immune system
  • Movement
    1. Walking
      1. Consider the 2-1 technique = rapid walk for 2 minutes followed by one-minute leisurely x 30-60 minutes per day
    2. Get outside in the sunshine for minimum 30 minutes per day; wear a hat and sunscreen if needed
  • Stress Management
    1. Take time to breath deeply and focus on protection of your mind/body
    2. Minimize social media use
    3. Connect virtually with friends, coworkers and family daily
      1. While you may have to isolate physically, keep in touch via phone or video call to say hello or check in on those you care about
    4. Do something creative or fun; flex your imagination muscle!
      1. Listen to music, keep a journal, draw, paint, etc.
    5. Rest
      1. Turn your phone to silent and activate sleep mode (block blue light) and turn off most electronic devices by 9pm daily
      2. Get a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night
      3. Avoid caffeine after 3 pm

Slow down, take a step back and implement the routines that will best protect yourself and others.  We will get through this together.

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