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Health and your fitness are the basis of a strong immune system and we are here to support you.  We will be offering a series of at-home health tips during this time when we as Canadians will come together to be part of the solution. Instead of giving into fear, let’s all focus on what we can control and play our role as citizens.

At NEWLEAF, our priority is always the safety and well-being of you, our clients, and our employees.

In light of the most recent announcements from the Federal Government advising social isolation be a top priority and the instructions from our Provincial Government to desist gatherings of more than 50 people. We have made the decision to close temporarily or until further notice. We are waiting for further instructions from Government officials as on how to proceed. We will keep you posted as to when it is safe to resume care as usual.

All our clients will be rescheduled at this time.  Our Naturopathic doctor and counselors are offering telehealth sessions.  Please book online or contact the office.


We have increased all sanitation at the clinic and gym. We’ve always taken it seriously, but now is an opportunity to highlight the measures we take for your well-being. This includes using industrial strength cleaner multiple times a day on everything with human contact.

We have professional cleaners coming in nightly to do a deep clean, as well as our team and staff keeping up with their regular duties and expectations that fall within our regulatory boards

As we will be closed for the next two weeks we will have general at – home workouts available to you by request in the interim as well as health and fitness info on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Even after we re open any of our team members with any sort of symptom will stay home, as will anyone who has traveled out of the region recently, or who have loved ones have done so. WE ASK that you do the same .


If you are feeling sick, or have any symptoms whatsoever, please stay at home and self quarantine for 14 days.

Wash your hands often. Wash between fingers and also on the top of your hands with warm water and soap. Count to a minimum of 20 seconds of scrubbing – soap and water is proven just as effective as antibacterial versions (bacteria are not viruses anyway).

Wash/clean your cell phone, which constantly touches your hands, and is a common way for viruses and bacteria to spread.

Practice social distancing to reduce the spread of germs and limit transmission of coronavirus.

Our team reserves the right to ask anyone who is symptomatic to leave the premise.


We can provide general at home rehabilitation for you by request if you are wanting to stay home for a week or 2. Please feel free to email us if you would like a workout emailed to you (please specify any equipment if you have it otherwise it will be entirely bodyweight).


Let’s take a look at the SCIENCE:

Many studies link exercise to improved immune function.

In the May 2019 issue of “Journal of Sport & Health Science,” the article titled, “The Compelling Link Between Physical Activity & the Body’s Defense System” had some important takeaways.

Here are the highlights: 

  • Exercise is an immune system treatment that improves immune defence activity and metabolic health
  • Data supports a clear conclusion: moderate exercise reduces risk of illness (as an aside to this, if you don’t feel like giving 100% right now in your workouts don’t!)
  • Exercise training reduces inflammation in a variety of ways. Regular exercise improves immune regulation
  • Habitual exercise delays the onset of age-related immune disfunction
  • That’s just one article – but it supports what we know anecdotally and via decades of international research by top universities and researchers.


  • If you’re feeling under the weather -STAY HOME! The science is also clear that exercising while sick can increase severity of symptoms.
  • BUT if you’re well – STAY WELL! Continue to build your body to be strong & fit to survive whatever life brings us!
  • DO NOT skimp on sleep. Good sleep hygiene keeps your immune system working optimally. Fun fact – regular exercise improves quantity and quality of sleep!
  • Minimize your sugar intake. A serving of sugary foods can deeply dip your immune function for 5 hours or more.
  • Get in the sun! Vitamin D is a natural immune booster and the best way to get it is by helping your body produce it yourself. Even 15 minutes a day can make a remarkable difference in your Vitamin D levels.
  • NUTRITION -Treat yourself to delicious seasonings that naturally are anti-viral: garlic, ginger, cayenne, turmeric. I like to pan fry veggies a little olive oil and a generous sprinkle of all of the above.

REMEMBER: We can all work together and do our part by staying healthy and reducing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus)!

Stay tuned because the Best is yet To Come! We are committed to help you become Stronger, Braver Better

Lisa MacDougall, RMT/Owner

P.S. Check for regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram posts.

Please refer to the following links from the BC Center for Disease Control as well as the Public Health Agency of Canada below for more detailed information and updates:

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