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Can you induce labor with massage?

I get asked this question pretty frequently. My answer? If I could I would be a millionaire!

I know you can google a lot of ways to naturally induce Labor, and I’ve tried lots! (None of them worked until baby was ready!) I have four kids and I know how it feels at the end of your pregnancy after the eviction notice has been given and that baby is still in there. They don’t care how uncomfortable you are! They are comfy warm and happy!

The truth is Massage Therapists cannot start your labor. It is not something we are taught in school or even after during our Continuing Education course. We are given tools to help a pregnant lady feel more relaxed, able to stand up better, feel stronger and happier during the pregnancy but we can not say we can induce labor. That is something only your doctor can do.

Pregnancy is hard on our bodies. Extra weight carried, the changes in our center of gravity, water retention, and the other fun stuff that goes along with making a brand new human. Massage Therapy can help with these problems. Massage helps relax muscles that are tight from preventing Mom from toppling over, or waddling.  A massage treatment can also increase strength of weakened muscles.

Some ladies have found massage during labor can help with the pains, especially when suffering from back labor.



Massage is great for expectant mothers! From beginning right to the end!  There is no evidence that it can cause labor or increase the chance of miscarriage. So bring your blooming bellies in and let us relax those tired achy muscles.


Written by Cecelia Gordon – RMT

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