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The collaborative relationship between therapist and patient is one of the most important elements of successful physical therapy. And patient compliance is an issue will all kinds of medical treatment. Here are four reasons why you need to do your Physical Therapy Homework and why it can be essential for ensuring you are successful in your treatment goals.

You Are an Active Participant in Your Own Rehabilitation

Due to the collaborative nature of Physical Therapy it is important that you and your therapist work together to set goals and come up with a series of exercises that feel comfortable for you to perform and that fit within your schedule. Because of this it is important that you set realistic goals and be honest about how much time you think you can spend doing regular exercises.

Repetition Equals Results

Most of these exercises are meant to be simple enough to be performed by most patients and to be completed in a limited amount of time in your own home and the results of these exercises comes from performing them over and over again.

Exercises Indicate the Progress of Treatment

Doing your Physical Therapy homework will indicate to your therapist how well your treatment is progressing, and lack of practice can result in recurrence of some symptoms and a prolonging of the treatment. 

Cessation of Pain Does Not Equal Completion of Therapy

Sometimes the pain caused by injuries requiring physical therapy can cease before you have completed the therapy program itself. However, it is a mistake to assume that just because the pain has gone that you have completed your therapy and met your goals. Thus, it is important to continue with your homework exercises and continue seeing your therapist to ensure that you meet those goals you and your therapist have set before ceasing treatment.

Remember that in Physical Therapy, your homework is your prescription. It is the medicine that your therapist has given you to help you with your difficulties and neglecting the homework won’t give you the results that you want and need.

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