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Spring break is here, which means I will be watching my nephew and niece for a couple of days. Time to get creative and prepare for the wiggles and giggles. Lots of activities geared to kids can also be be used to help common trouble spots for adults, so here are a few that will inspire you to jump in there and stay active!

HIPPITY HOPSCOTCH: An Easter twist to an old favorite, just replace the pebble thrown for a plastic Easter egg or bunny shaped bean bag, etc. If hopping isn’t your thing, try one legged stands, counting as high as you can before you wobble. If you wobble or drop your foot, pick up the egg and move on. See how high you can count to help strengthen your balance. To make it more difficult, close your eyes when you reach the
square and then try the one leg stand.

For added sensory benefits (and fun!), try the bubble wrap version of hopscotch here (hopscotch rules and template also included):

SPIN THE BUNNY TAIL: Make a bunny tail with a paper plate and cotton balls glued on. Poke a hole in the top and place a ribbon through, long enough for tying around the waist. Fill a plastic water bottle with jelly beans or mini marshmallows, etc.. Decorate with foam or paper ears, googly eyes and pink pompom nose (or just draw a bunny face on with a marker).

To play: Sit with the kids in a circle (on a thick blanket or pillow if sitting on the floor is difficult). Youngest person gets to spin the bottle first. Whoever it lands on has to stand up, put on the bunny tail and air write their name with the tail (bottom writing is a thing!)  Only after they finish can they take a jelly bean from the bottle. Then they take off the tail, sit and spin the bottle for the next person. If a child is too young to write, they can show off their bunny tail wiggling skills. Another variation can include air writing with wrists, ankles or whole body. Or they can write the whole alphabet to make things more difficult and silly

Bunny bottle:

Bunny butt (add your own ribbon!):

CHEDDAR BUNNY BISCUITS: These were my boys’ favourite. Not only do they taste great, but are lots of fun because they can dig right in and get their hands messy. For kids, kneading is a great sensory activity, and for adults, it is a great way to strengthen the hands and keep them flexible. This recipe can be rolled and cut out into bunny shapes, or you can let the kids get creative and shape their own. Or one giant egg shape… whatever works. 🙂

Cheddar Recipe:

Easy (Plain Ready Made) Recipe:

SENSORY GARDEN TABLE: Spring inspires many of us to get out into the sunshine and start digging and planting. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm often brings many into our doors for treatment. Using a garden box to elevate plants is a great way to lessen the aches and pains, and including the kids in this venture is great way to inspire healthy eating and working habits. I like the idea of a salad box to encourage them to eat their greens, or perhaps to grows some for their furry friends

Garden table plans:

Let us know if you try any of these activities, and send us your favourite ideas for healthy family fun. Pics are always welcome!

~ Sheree Kima, BA, RMT

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