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Seasonal Depression- S.A.D

What is S.A.D? Seasonal Depression, otherwise known as S.A.D- is defined as “a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in the winter.” Although there is no specific testing to determine if you have Seasonal Depression, the symptoms are plain; -Tiredness/ Fatigue -Crying spells -Irritability -Trouble concentrating, -Body aches -Loss of sex drive -Poor sleep -Decreased activity level -Overeating, especially of carbohydrates, with associated with weight gain – In severe instances, seasonal affective disorder can be associated with thoughts of suicide – in which case please see your family Doctor- Here are six ways to naturally boost serotonin levels which aid  S.A.D: 1. Take a vitamin B-complex (required to make serotonin). 2. Sunlight- Spend time in direct natural sunlight 3. Probiotic – Serotonin is mostly made up in the gut and probiotics help balance gut function and nutrient absorption 4. Trytophen – Also necessary to produce serotonin but commonly not absorbed properly with other proteins – Taking a supplement helps 5.Massage- Massage and physical touch have been proven to raise serotonin levels 6. Exercise- Any exercise -but most commonly cardio- raises serotonin levels substantially For more information book a massage therapy session with one of our trusted RMT’S OR with our Naturopath, Dr. Cerf,... read more

Mental Health – Overall Wellness

At New Leaf Wellness, we care about your over-all health. Wellness is not only effected through physical health but also through emotional and mental well being. Often, mental illness issues will manifest physically throughout the body. We believe in a holistic approach of health care which includes getting to the grand scheme of issues to create a deeper healing- picture healing a wound instead of just putting a band aid on the issue- so to speak.       Society and media have used the term “mental illness” at times as a ‘yucky’ word and some how a shameful issue. Everyone experiences mental health issues to some degree. It is very common to feel symptoms of anxiety, depression, or confusion from time to time. As humans in this day and age we are constantly bombarded with images online, stress over load at a fast pace AND day to day challenges. We came up with a list of ideas to help manage your mental health. We acknowledged that mental illnesses come in different severaties and recommend you book an appointment with our Naturopath if greater symptoms arise. We hope you find these ideas useful to help make a positive difference in your personal health and wellness journey. You are strong. You are worth it. You are important. 10 Ways to manage stress and Anxiety: 1) Lavender! Use a lavender candle or essential oil to help de-stress, as they contain properties that naturally eliminate nervous tension and relieve pain 2) Rest! Don’t over work yourself. Dedicate time to do .. nothing. Take a nap and do your best to stay on a regular 8 hour... read more

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