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“Really?! You can massage there?”

“Really? you can massage there?!” Massage therapy isn’t limited to just your back, neck and shoulders. Areas such as hands, feet, glutes, face and even inside your mouth can all be treated.Don’t be afraid or uncomfortable to talk about any area that you are feeling pain or discomfort. Massage therapy to the glutes is very effective for low back pain or pseudo sciatica. You would be amazed how tight they can get; you don’t need to be active for it to happen. Sitting at a computer all day deactivates your glutes and tightens your hip flexors which can cause low back pain. Have you ever felt any numbness or tingling on your legs or feet? There is a network of nerves that travel thru the glutes that could be compressed by tight muscles. A major culprit of this is the piriformis which can put pressure on the sciatic nerve. Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction can cause pain and muscle spasms in the jaw or head, a clicking or snapping feeling, headaches, earaches or dizziness. Many people suffer or experience some of this at one point in their life. Treatment to the muscles of mastication is very helpful with relieving pain, tightness and imbalance. The lateral pterygoid is the only muscle that opens that jaw and can be difficult to treat without intraoral work due to its attachments to sphenoid and the mandible. There are many muscles attached to your head and face. You would be amazed how tender and sore they may be. There may even be knots that you don’t know about. Treatment to the face and head can... read more

So what is Neurological Integration System anyways? (NIS)

I often get asked to explain NIS, and after 5 years of working as a NIS Practitioner, I have come up with this analogy.        Think of your hard drive (brain) that is connected to your computer (body) by millions of tiny circuits. Now, enter a “virus” in one or multiple circuits.How well is your computer working now?  I suspect your computer is no longer functioning at optimum level and you will have started experiencing technical difficulties. The same principle holds true for your brain and body connections.    When the circuits between the brain and body become “disconnected” by external sources, the communication between the brain (hard drive) and the body (computer) become weakened. Power is now reduced to that circuit, thereby, resulting in one or more symptoms.                                                                                                           “How does NIS help my symptoms?”       Just like a computer tech would apply a series of codes to repair your hard drive, a NIS practitioner will use a set of treatment protocols. These protocols are like a checklist to see what circuits need to be “reconnected”. It is only by reconnecting and addressing the underlying root cause to your symptoms will you find long-term, sustainable results.                       To book an appointment with Claudette Varley  RN, BScN NIS Practitioner please... read more

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