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Athletes commonly need the help of a physiotherapist. And some sports are known for their frequent injuries. Here are some sports that often cause injuries for athletes:

  1. RunningThose who practice running or jogging often have injuries needing physiotherapy. There are inflammations of different tendons, sprains, strains, and even stress fractures.
  2. Contact SportsContact sports like basketball, football, and soccer are famous for their injuries. There are the same types of injuries noted above as well as contact injuries, dislocations, broken bones, bumps and bruises.
  3. CyclingWhile cycling is lower impact than running, there are still plenty of possible injuries including strains, sprains, inflammation, groin injuries, and an unlimited number of injuries for those who go off their bikes and hit something hard like the ground.
  4. Baseball and SoftballWhile these sports are not necessarily considered contact sports like rugby or hockey, they still are the sources of plenty of injuries because baseball and softball require running and sliding with quick starts and stops.
  5. VolleyballBelieve it or not, volleyball is a big source of sports injuries. Volleyball has some contact, but it’s the running and jumping that cause sprains, strains, bone breaks, dislocations, and even concussions.

If you are an athlete with some persistent aches and pains, see your family doctor and don’t hesitate to come and see us. We help athletes with sports’ injuries all the time. Obviously, concussions or potential broken bones or heavy bleeding need to be evaluated by a doctor on an urgent basis. Physiotherapists, however, can help with the healing.

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