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Sheree graduated with a diploma in Registered Massage Therapy from Vancouver Career College in 2014. Under their 2750 hour program, she learned therapeutic massage skills such as orthopedic, myofascial release, sports, and Swedish relaxation techniques. Sheree has worked with various populations including the elderly, pregnant, and people living with disabilities. Her family members live with different disabilities of varying degrees of severity, so she empathizes with how families and individuals are affected on a daily basis with the obstacles that face them. If necessary, Sheree is able to provide mobile massage services for people with accessibility or mobility issues.

Sheree also has extensive background working with children in an educational or entertainment capacity, and one of her goals is to develop a paediatric focus within her practice.

Sheree has a Bachelor of Arts from UFV, majoring in English with an extended minor in the Visual Arts. She believes the sculpting classes she completed in University contribute to her practice, and that studying rhetorical analysis helped her get past the Board exams! Sheree is also a creative writer and editor, with a vision of integrating this into her practice by creating relevant educational tools for the public and my clients. Sheree has always worked in some capacity to help others either through teaching or volunteering. In her spare time, Sheree walks and works out at the gym, and loves to sketch and paint.

Sheree has great friends and family that replenish her batteries and is a keen advocate of restorative yoga — which she practices daily.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]


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