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At Newleaf Wellness, we care about your over-all health. Wellness is not only effected through physical health but also through emotional and mental well being. Often, mental illness issues will manifest physically throughout the body. We believe in a holistic approach of health care which includes getting to the grand scheme of issues to create a deeper healing- picture healing a wound instead of just putting a band aid on the issue- so to speak.


   Society and media have used the term “mental illness” at times as a ‘yucky’ word and some how a shameful issue. Everyone experiences mental health issues to some degree. It is very common to feel symptoms of anxiety, depression, or confusion from time to time. As humans in this day and age we are constantly bombarded with images online, stress over load at a fast pace AND day to day challenges. We came up with a list of ideas to help manage your mental health.

We acknowledged that mental illnesses come in different severaties and recommend you book an appointment with our Naturopath if greater symptoms arise. We hope you find these ideas useful to help make a positive difference in your personal health and wellness journey.

You are strong. You are worth it. You are important.

10 Ways to manage stress and Anxiety:

  • 1) Lavender! Use a lavender candle or essential oil to help de-stress, as they contain properties that naturally eliminate nervous tension and relieve pain
  • 2) Rest! Don’t over work yourself. Dedicate time to do .. nothing. Take a nap and do your best to stay on a regular 8 hour sleep schedule. Try going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.
  • 3)Stay Present. Dont worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has its own worries. Try and make it your goal to focus on the present. A daily Gratitude journal may help to focus on the good things that have happened that day.
  • 4) Cut down on Caffeine -Caffeine prompts your adrenals to release the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Adrenal Fatigue symptoms such as lack of enthusiasm, tiredness, weakened immune system, and more may occur from over use of caffeine. Try a black tea or herbal tea to lessen your body off of any dependencies to caffeine.

    TIP ! If you exercise in the morning your body will be burning with more energy which means less dependency on coffee.

  • 5) Be mindful – Keep track of your anxiety triggers. Journaling or talking to a trusted counsel can help tremendously. Do not isolate from others.
  • 6) Prayer/Meditation – This can be done any way you prefer. Many people incorporate relaxing sounds or images for meditation. Check out guided meditation videos on You-tube. You may even incorporate religious beliefs in your meditation or prayers.
  • 7) Limit your time online – There are so many distractions on social media. Studies have shown that spending time on social media can raise a person’s levels of anxiety. If you feel like this happens to you, then limit your time on these sites or delete your profile altogether.




8)Exercise & Healthy Eating– Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week – I understand this may be challenging for some people to fit into their busy schedules but the endorphin’s that result from exercise are hugely beneficial to aid with stress and depression. Try working out first thing in the morning. Wake up half an hour earlier and go for a fast walk. This will help you get a better rest at night and give you more energy during your day.

Make healthier food choices. Changing small healthy substitutions in your diet can make the biggest difference. Include more natural sugars from fruits and vitamins from veggies. It is also a good idea to consider asking a Naturopath for  vitamin supplements or remedies that may help you.


9)Treat Yourself!You are a special, amazing person.
Don’t forget to reward yourself with a massage or self care gift.

It has been proven that the brain responds to our thoughts in powerful ways. If you feel crummy.. speak out the opposite.
“Today I will finish everything I need to do and i will be at peace in every circumstance. I am an overcome and i am in control of my emotions..”
You may feel silly at first but the more you make this a habit the more your brain will respond and you will believe these statements.342ddf20ea33d6269984f8fd5cf8d3c6

10) Have fun!
Laugh.Love.Learn something new. Be Creative.
Watch a funny video, laughing is a drug, Or spend time with a loving person .
Pets can also be especially therapeutic as relationship with your furry friend has been proven to decreases feelings of depression.
All of the above are activities that assist the brain to create Serotonin – Your bodies natural happy drug 🙂

Try a 21 day wellness challenge- Create your own!




Written By: Sarah doO’

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