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Over the past two weeks, the anxiety in the air has been at times overwhelming. The Corona Virus is creating an anxiety that has not been felt in the past to this extent.

  • And then to top it off we have the media talking about it, all day long.
  • And then we have the conspiracy theorists touting their beliefs.
  • And then we have the people who are not taking it seriously.
  • And then we have the ones who are judging the ones who are not taking it as seriously as them.
  • And then there is the financial situation if you lost your job or have financial concerns.

So, it is only natural to have anxiety levels go up.  So how do we move out of anxiety and into a level of normal.

  • We accept that the corona virus is indeed here. Burying our head in the sand is not on todays menu.
  • We wash our hands. Do as you are told, wash your hands-my mother used to say that all the time.
  • We keep our hands away from our face. Transmission is from the hands to the face, Stop it!
  • We keep social distance. Do not take this lightly, keep your distance so you do not pick what the other person coughed into the air.
  • We understand the virus as best we can. Do you due diligence, understand it
  • We do what is best for us and for all the people that are around us. We are all in this together, truly.
  • We support those that on the front lines helping. Get out at 7 pm and give a shout out in your neighbourhood, start a movement on your street.
  • We watch the news once a day to be informed. Anymore than that will depress you.
  • We help our neighbours. At a distance say hello, ask if they need anything. Actually care about the people you are surrounded with.
  • We are kind to one another.
  • We are kind to ourselves.
  • We stay calm.

A wise person once said that everything changes including this virus.

This too shall pass.

Anxiety is best solved with hypnosis, in fact, it is one of the few modalities that can help without talking about the concern.

And if you need help, reach out. There are many professionals that can help you. Hypnotherapy is just one of them.  If I can help and funding is a concern please reach out, we can help. Click here to book a telehealth appointment.

Corinne Ropp
New Leaf Wellness Clinic

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