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In his twenty years working as an Athletic Therapist, Dave has always emphasized that Massage Therapy should be an integral part of a treatment program. He has worked as an Athletic Therapist with professional football teams (Ottawa Roughriders, Calgary Stampeders, B.C. Lions), as well as semi-professional hockey and university level teams and athletes (Carleton University). His preference has always been for a more hands-on approach with his clients, which made Massage Therapy the natural way to go. Dave is a graduate of Kine-Concept Massage Institute-Ottawa (2005) and Sheridan College-Athletic Therapy-Oakville (1983). He has found, and still finds, Massage Therapy both challenging and rewarding. He enjoys keeping his clients healthy and on the road to recovery, from problems caused by injuries or daily stresses. Dave also maintains specific and personal treatment/rehab programs suited to each client’s needs and future goals. He prefers to use a variety of different massage techniques that is tailored to each client’s treatment program, and depending on the situation/condition presented to him.

In his spare time, Dave likes to go on long hikes with his Boston Terrier, Murphy. He is an avid cyclist, and have many projects on the go on the home front. He also like to de-stress and relax by swimming, playing tennis, squash, volleyball, and the occasional work-out.

He is also very happy to be back on the West Coast.

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