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Cecelia’s passion for health and healing started at an early age. She worked along side a veterinarian as a child and into her teens, learning how to heal and care for animals.

She graduated from a Practical Nursing degree in 2006. After practicing as a nurse for several years she decided to follow a life long dream of becoming a Massage Therapist.

She graduated from the 3000 hour Massage and Hydrotherapy at Utopia Academy in Vanouver, BC in 2013.

With her in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology she has the ability to provide safe and effective treatments along side prescribed home-care, to help with many muscular ailments. She recognizes that each patient needs to be treated holistically, not focusing on just the pain, but their body as a whole.

Cecelia’s extensive education and experience has gifted he the ability to focus holistically; creating an understanding of specified pain, as well as the inner working of the body as a whole. This helps her clients not only gain relief from pain but the knowledge to create a healthier body and or lifestyle. Cecelia has excellent skills in Swedish, Deep Tissue, joint mobilizations, myofascial release and other orthopedic treatments.

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