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Depression is a complicated mental disorder which affects a big number of people around the world. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) often occurs in tandem with a depressed state. Treatments that help depression also help SAD and vice versa.

Physiotherapy helps people to solve their emotional and mental troubles. Recent research has shown that depression can be treated with the help of physiotherapy. Medical researchers have confirmed that physiotherapy can improve the depressed mental state of the affected person.

Physiotherapy and exercise stimulate the nervous system of the person and reduce stress. The aim of physiotherapy is to release endorphins from the pituitary glands. Endorphins are hormones that improve the mood of the human being and relieve stress.

Physiotherapy is an ideal treatment for people who do not want to take anti-depressants which have some side effects. Physical exercise has no side effects and it improves the individual’s mood gradually.

Great benefits of physiotherapy include the following.

1. Increases mood: Regular physiotherapy exercises increase self-esteem. It boosts the mood of the people who struggle with mental sicknesses.

2. Improves self-confidence: Lack of self-confidence lowers the productivity of human beings. Physiotherapy helps people to boost their morale.

3.Decreases physical pain: Physical pain increases mental distress. Physiotherapy can greatly lessen or eliminate physical pain, which causes emotional anxiety.

4. Physiotherapy improves cardiovascular function

5. It helps in weight control

6. Physiotherapy improves the function of hemodynamic, hormonal, respiratory, metabolic, and neurologic systems in the human body.

7. Strengthens muscles and bones

8. Physiotherapy reduces fatigue and increases happiness.  

9. It increases a person’s level of productivity.

Yes, physiotherapy can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder and attendant depression. Regular physiotherapy can elevate your mood and make you feel better.

Newleaf Wellness offers a variety of therapies including physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, and massage therapy in a warm and compassionate environment in our Abbotsford location.

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