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Active Rehab is a personalized and customized exercise treatment plan for someone who has suffered significant injury. An Active Rehab plan is science-based and is designed and implemented by a kinesiologist. Kinesiologists start the plan with a detailed assessment of not only your injuries and pain, but your range of motion, complaints, limitations, and your particular needs and lifestyle.

Car Accidents

Drivers and passengers in a car accident can suffer a complex constellation of injuries. More and more, Active Rehab is being used to help these individuals recover from their injuries.

In British Columbia, ICBC, the provincial insurance body, will pay for Active Rehab (and other treatments) under certain circumstances, and the kinesiologist can invoice ICBC directly.

ICBC is trying to move away from a litigious model and move toward getting the injured parties the help they need no matter who is at fault.

Active Rehab is very effective at treating injuries from car accidents and helping people to heal. The customized treatment plans address your specific injuries, whatever they are, and help you to feel better, regain your range of motion, reduce pain, swelling, stiffness, and increase your energy and flexibility.

Active Rehab can address sprains, strains, dislocations, bone injuries, nerve injuries, whiplash, and sciatica, just to name a few examples. ICBC has embraced Active Rehab because it works and has a long track record for helping patients.

Be sure to talk to ICBC before starting your treatment plan to make sure that all your documentation is in place and that you have pre-approval.


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