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Tracy graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program in 2000.

She completed post graduate studies in Medical Ethics, Reproductive Medicine, Trauma Therapy and Cosmetic Acupuncture (facial rejuvenation).

As well, she completed a clinical internship in Korean Acupuncture at South Bay College of Oriental Medicine.

Tracy has a special interest, extensive training and experience in the treatment of infertility.
She feels very honored to be part of her patients journey to motherhood.
She can optimize your ability to conceive naturally or work with your doctor to support your fertility treatment whether it be in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other reproductive technologies (ART).
Combining acupuncture with IVF can increase the success rate of IVF by up to 40%.

Tracy works closely with midwives by providing pre-birth acupuncture for their patients in the final weeks of pregnancy, to help prepare for labour.

Aside from her passion for her career in TCM, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, dragonboating, hiking, motorcycles, and fundraising for her favorite charities.

Tracy endeavors to provide the highest quality of care for her patients.

She specializes in the treatment of:

• acute or chronic pain
• infertility
• anxiety/depression/insomnia
• stress
• digestive disorders
• addiction
• labour preparation
• facial rejuvenation
& more

Tracy believes that each patient is unique and therefore your Initial appointment time is approximate depending on your needs.


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