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After graduating in June of 2019 Kaci took and completed her board exams in September to become an RMT. She has worked at New Leaf Wellness since June of 2019 and is eager to help a wide range of patients.

From working with stroke victims, patients with chronic pain or athletes with overuse injuries Kaci likes to use techniques that encourage healing and desires to give every patient insight on how they can heal and improve their daily living.

Kaci enjoys differentially exploring all options and targeting the body’s dysfunctions or imbalances to help relieve pain.  This involves a thorough assessment, specific hands-on work and providing a stretching and strengthening regiment for you to achieve the optimal result. Massage provides a variety of techniques including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, muscle energy techniques, fascial work, swedish, therapeutic and trigger point therapy.

When Kaci isn’t working you can find her enjoying time with her  family. She loves singing along to country music or spending time at the gym because she believes that working toward your optimal health is a great way to avoid chronic pain and dysfunction.

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