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Dr. Stephanie Jarvis is a licensed naturopathic physician; trained in primary care in the diagnosing, treatment, and prevention of disease. After obtaining a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from the University of the Fraser Valley, she graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Jarvis uses research, lab testing, clinical experience, and patient values to create evidence-based treatment plans for her patients.

Dr. Jarvis is passionate about determining the root cause of concerns through a comprehensive medical history, physical exam, and appropriate diagnostic testing. Her focus is on helping patients understand their unique concerns, and empowering them to reach their optimal health goals.

Dr. Jarvis is a member of the BCNA, CAND, and is in good standing with the CNPBC. She is trained in using acupuncture, therapeutic nutrition, nutraceuticals, botanical medicine, lifestyle interventions, and physical medicine to create a customized treatment plan.

Areas of Focus:

Adrenal Health
Autoimmune Disease
Diabetes Mellitus Digestive Health
Fatigue & Burnout
Insomnia & Sleep Optimization
Health Optimization
Hormone Balancing
Mood & Mental Health
Metabolic Support
Skin Issues
Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

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