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Since graduating from Salford University England in 2007 as a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have specialised in musculoskeletal therapy.
I have had fantastic opportunities to gain experience within both private hospital and clinical practices, as well as grass roots to high level sports, providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation for Bolton Metro Swim Squad, Eccles Rugby Club, Waterloo Rugby Club, Scotland Exiles Rugby, Lancashire Women’s Rugby team, North West Women’s Rugby Team and Cheshire U16 Rugby Team.

Within my private practice work I have had the opportunity to work alongside some top class surgeons and develop my physiotherapy skills further, after working along side them with post operative protocols. I have also loved working in clinic, where I get to form a real rapport with my patients, helping to achieve their goals and return to activities they thought were long gone.

Another pleasure while working in my last job, was working with Tennis players on the LTA pathway, and every year providing the physiotherapy for an international wheelchair tournament, full of multi Paralympic champions, which was great to be a part of.
My work in sport has ranged from working and coaching beginners in swimming (both kids and adults), to then working with national level swimmers, not just from a coaching aspect but being able to bring my PT knowledge into their training and recovery. Then my sporting focus became Rugby, where again I provided therapy to both brand new players, all the way up to those that play internationally, including working with Olympians. Working with both Junior, Men’s and Women’s teams enables me to always adapt to my audience, always changing with the requirements and keeping it interesting for all involved.

My areas of interest are hands on therapy techniques and developing interesting individual rehabilitation programmes, keeping the exercises enjoyable and related to what you want to achieve.

In my personal life I am a mum to preschool twin girls, who will always keep me on my toes and busy. Pre twins I used to swim at national level until the age of 18, regularly representing my county of Lancashire. I then had the honour on the rugby pitch, playing for Waterloo Ladies, Lancashire Ladies and the North of England.

In January 2020 we emigrated to Canada and have recently moved to the Fraser Valley where new adventures await us.

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