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Claudette is a certified Neurological Integration System (NIS) practitioner who has a gentle, caring and down-to-earth style that comes largely form her background as an ICU nurse.

Featured in the Health Action Network Society Magazine, Claudette has a respected practice alone with masters-level training in the latest NIS research. She came to NIS first as a client when her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She scheduled her son to try a treatment and got treated herself to understand what he would experience. She was so impressed by the results that, after 20+ years in nursing, she decided to change career paths to become an NIS practitioner herself.

Today, Claudette enjoys serving a broad and varied clientele, from infants to seniors with the full sepctrum of wellness concerns, bringing added insights from her vast nursing experience. In both her professional and personal communities, Claudette is a vibrant and compassionate force.

Certifies in NIS by Neurolink in 2009.

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