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Brennan is a registered massage therapist working in Abbotsford, BC. Through his current
clinical practice he has had the opportunity to work with a diverse population of people from all
walks of life. From weekend warriors and elite level athletes to those living with advanced
medical conditions, Brennan will work with any type of client to help them achieve physiological
peace and improve their quality of life.

In treatment, Brennan desires to build strong therapeutic relationships with his clients, joining
them on their journey to wellness. His personal treatment philosophy is to work **with** the client
instead of **on** the client, and he believes in applying a modern, evidence informed approach to
traditional massage practices. Brennan is also a student of the internal martial arts of China,
and he loves to integrate the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong into his treatments. While areas of
interest include stress reduction, injury prevention, and improved postural awareness, Brennan
is confident that he can provide massage therapy to meet each client’s individual needs.
Outside of the clinic, Brennan can be found practicing martial arts in the park, contemplating a
good read, or cooking up something delicious with his family and friends.

Please note that Brennan cannot direct bill to ICBC at this moment. All payments will be billed privately for your submission to ICBC


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