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Financial planning for families can be relatively simple, or complex, and with today’s world it can be difficult to navigate. Lyle will look at your current situation and make recommendations based on the desired outcomes. What’s unique about Lyle’s approach is that he looks at all the facts, not just the hard facts to make a recommendation. This can include marital breakdowns, blended families, and inheritances. All these aspects will impact the recommendation that Lyle will make.


Families of with special needs children are extremely blessed, but it comes with some unique financial challenges. You need someone with experience to ask some questions that you may not have thought about, such as:

How will we pay for the special therapies our child needs now?

Who will pay our child’s expenses once he or she becomes an adult?

Where will our child live and who will oversee his or her care after we’re gone?



Being a business owner in Canada can be very complex but also very rewarding.  It is important to speak to someone that has experience in business structure, taxation and corporate planning.  Lyle has several years experience in working with businesses from first year start up companies to international corporations. Each of these have unique challenges and opportunities that Lyle will help navigate and make recommendations to protect your business from the unforeseen and allow it to thrive.


From a young age, Lyle has been active in the community by volunteering and fundraising for local charities and non profit organizations.  When looking at a financial plan, there is sometimes a need or desire to help the less fortunate.  This can be a complex path, and having the proper planning in place is vital to ensure that the appropriate goals and desires are met. Lyle has several years experience in assisting people in meeting their philanthropic goals.


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