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Chronic Pain & Trigger Point Injections

I provide an optional initial introduction visit to answer questions about my services. Self-referral is an option as well as a GP referral.

I perform a comprehensive pain assessment for those who want to understand why chronic pain exists despite current treatments and to set up a treatment plan. I consider the biological, mental, emotional and social inter-related factors related to chronic pain.

The treatment plan is personalised to each patient which considers the physical approach to release tightened myo-fascial tissue with trigger point injections; postural correction with egoscue exercises; cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques of mindfulness, meditation, expressive writing and/or autosuggestion; and mind-body awareness to understand why the inter-connectedness of the human being is essential in understanding and alleviating pain.

Trigger point injections are performed in weekly 10 minutes visits for 4-6 sessions to obtain an optimal response in most patients. Follow up sessions are available if required. CBT counseling sessions over 20 minutes are available on request.

My ideal patient is one with chronic pain for more than 3 months who has failed traditional treatments and requires to understand why chronic pain persists in their life.

Other Therapies for Chronic Pain

Patients with chronic pain can also benefit from consultation with other therapists. See our entire team here.

Chronic Pain Specialists

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