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Athlete and Sports Performance Therapy

Sports Psychology or Sports Therapy helps athletes, performers and others reach goals and cope with the anxiety that can impede performance in different areas.

About our Sports Therapist

Our therapist, Trevin has been working with athletes since 2010 and has a realistic approach to athlete and performance counselling. He is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach and is a strong believer that, in any sport, 90% of the sport is mental, and when you cannot perform mentally, it will reflect in the physical aspect of the game.

Growing up, whether it be a job or a sport, Trevin understood what it was like to try and perform under pressure and how not being able to perform at peak levels can take a negative toll on your body mentally. We develop a plan enhancing the specific skills needed to improve and maintain individual performance.

Working with BMR Consultant Justin Fauth, Trevin advocates for nutrition and diet plans to help the athlete in the physical aspect of the game. Trevin is a firm believer in positive reinforcement if the work is being put into effect. He also teaches the importance of behaviours of being at and away from the rink, field, court, or stage and strongly emphasizes education and nutrition as a motivation to succeed.

Types of Therapy

Trevin, who is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach (CSPC), focuses on thought patterns, coping styles, communication skills, relaxation exercises, and visual techniques to maintain a focus on success and to enhance performance.

  • Coping with pressures of competition
  • Psychological recovery of injuries
  • Goal setting
  • Mental performance
  • Positive mental imagery
  • Managing emotions
  • Maintaining concentration
  • Anxiety

Athlete and Sports Performance Therapy

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